My insta secret

People always ask me, how I managed to receive getting 2K followers on my instagram account. But honestly, I wouldn't know! The topic 'instagram' is very interesting to write about, so here it goes. I will try to write a blog about how I manage my instagram.

But first things first, don't forget to enjoy using instagram! Instagram should be fun for you while your using it and it's not supposed to make you feel bad about your feed.  The trick is, don't let any other account intimidated you! You can't tell how long they've worked to receive their amount of followers. Not that I know that much about instagram, but I can only talk about my own experience and what I found out that worked for me. All I can say is that I tried out a few tips that made my amout of followers grow in 3 months with more than 100 followers. So in January this year I only had 1500 followers or maybe less. But now, in the beginning of april I managed to get 2000 followers by trying out some trics.

Let me ask you this first. Why are you using instagram ? Is it to show people photos of yourself or of your pet ? Or do you wanne sell a product and use instagram to promote it ? Whats the purpose of instagram for you?  Cause in case of selling a product it's totaly different than just showing photo's of yourself or of your dog. I only can talk about my instagram wich I use for showing people photos of my dog. Let me talk about some tips I learned using instagram.  

Everything starts with a good bio! If I choose to open an account on insta, I wanna know something about that account, no matter how small the introduction is. When I don't see a bio, I just skip that account. I change my bio a lot. It's not always easy writing a catchy bio. But see it as a first impression. It has to be good! With your bio, you attract attention of the ones that are looking at your account.  Things you can tell in your bio... Where your from, how old you are or your date of birth, what you like or love, etc.

In my case I tell you what breed my dog is, my personal insta, my # I always use, the discount for the brand I'm ambassador for and a link to my website. You can use different front styles to make it more catchy looking. I even use an app for some symbols. The app I use is called Symbol (symbol keyboard). And for my fonts I use the website

Another good tool to use are # Hashtags. What I've learned on instagram is, using the right # will help you a a lot forward! These # will ensure that the right audience will see your photos. For example, if I post a photo of my dog in the forrest and I use #beach, it just don't work, because the # has nothing to do with the photo I posted. But, if you use #forrest or #sheltie, every people who use this #forrest or #sheltie will see your photo. There are even people who follow a specific #. So If you use a specific # that people follow a lot, you have more change people get to see your photo on instagram.

Like you can see on this photo I made, is #sheltie very popular. 2.102.761 messages only on that hashtag, what means, if you use that #, a lot of people can see your photo. It's always a good thing to follow specific # that are part of your feed. Like for me I follow # of shelties, dogs, etc. It's always handy to see what # your followers use. Let me show you some photos on my instagram so you can see what I mean.  

On the left photo you can see I'm using a chinese # (what means shetland sheepdog) and on the right photo I use #shelties. As you can see Meeko's photo is between all the rest. So if I search on instagram for a specific # I see every post that uses that #.

A shout out! Another tip I can reveal, is giving people a shout out. Sharing other accounts in your story or on your posts caption is called a shout out! Once a week I do a story shout out. What means, I will share my favorite accounts of the week with everyone. Or I share my active followers in a story to thank them. There are reasons enough why you should keep a shout out. Sharing other account in your story or on your posts caption is called a shout out! Why it can help you? Those people you tagged in your story will always share it in their own story. So obviously other people get to see your account or at least your name. And there are always people who will check you out! And the people who tagged you, will give a shout out back eventually. 

And if we are still talking about insta stories, it's always nice to ask people something, a call to action! In your insta story you can use a poll, a question tool, a swipe tool and a quiz. These are doing good if you wanne hold a 'Call to action'. A poll is just you asking a question and people need to answer with 2 options. Questions you can use to ask your followers anything. For example, What do you wanne see friday on my feed ? And than they can write their answer. Than there is a swiping element. You can switch the standerd emotion and ask something. People need to answer with the swiping tool. It's lovely for using on a photo for example. And the last thing you can use is a quiz. Make a quiz about your feed so people can guess the answer and they get to know you a bit better. lovely and fun for your followers.

Stories of instagram are doing really good! People can actually see what your doing at the moment. You can add some music, call to action, #, Taggs,... You can make it super simple or super fun with motions and gifs. A great tip I can reveal is, use the app 'Pinterest' and type 'instagram story gifs'. You will see what a lovely result it gives you. Let me share some of my favorite results I saved on my Pinterest. You can see the names above. (Greendotori - vipapier - minim - lizmosley). And there are a lot more than these. Go check it out for yourself. 

Every story you shared, you can safe in your 'highlights'. You can find these back right under your bio. My highlights look like this. The highlight icons you will use can give your account something extra. I found mine on Pinterest as well.

The last thing I wanne say about insta story is, that you can use apps for making lovely stories. Even animated presets. I have some lovely apps I use all the time!

These four apps have make my stories looking good way better than I ever could make on my own. Every app is free to use, but like every app you can buy it so the options are more. But I find the free stuff good enough.

My favorite app of those four is definitely Mojo or StoryArt.

Writing a good caption ensures people to read the whole thing. If you just say have a nice day. you said it all. And sometimes it is enough because the photo speaks for you. But sometimes your photo need a good caption! In your caption you can also do a 'call to action' or 'a shout out'. But try writing something cathy as well in your caption!

If you use these tips it can help you growing your account. But you need to work for it. The more you like others photos or comment on others the more they will like your photos as well and give a comment back. You need to participate on instagram. Nothing comes for free like I always say. One thing I didn't say before is, keep a content on your feed. Use the same style of photos, or the same style of editing on your photos. Using the right captions and # will make sure people will like you. If your feed looks messy, people will go away. But give people a peacefull, relaxing feed to watch, they will stick on you. Try to find your own style. And the most important thing of all. Try at least to post once a day, and take your time to like and give comments.

I hope I gave you something to work with and I can't wait to see your account! So please give us a follow and we will give one back! @Meeko_thesheltie.

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