Illustrations instead of telling words

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Maureen is my talented niece who is an amazing illustrator! Her name may not mean so much to you, yet. But I can already reveal you that she's very talented. She defines her illustrations as a combination of manual techniques, that form an fairytale digital collage. And that's exactly the reason why I asked her to make illustrations for my book! The cupcake you see down below is the style for my book.  

What you can find on her website about her! She is a young creative with the right dose of guts, wit and sense of style. Maureen graduated as a master in graphic design and illustration from KASKA and has worked in both worlds ever since. She has already illustrated two books for Bring a Smile, she is also a permanent graphic designer for the theater company

S.A.S and the choir group Al Dente. Maureen has already designed several house styles. She also won first prize for illustrations, published by the city of Mortsel. Her style is very organic and she prefers to work manually, giving her creations their own character and, as it were, starting to live on the sheet. ( 

Why I want her!?

Like I told you in my last blog, her illustration give me a feeling I can't describe. It wakes something up in me. Once I start staring to her work, I just wanna see more and more. Plus, it's a style you don't see that offen. Or at least I don't see it that much (haha).  I wanna make an atypical baking book for dogs and cats. And I'm 100% sure her work will give that extra spark.

Let me show you some of her work, so you can fall in love with it like I did ! You can find all these works on her instagram account

Where did your style come from?

In the beginning of my illustration career I started experimenting with different materials: Chinese ink with different types of brushes, watercolor paint, different printing techniques and so on. Because of this I ended up with the technique monotype. I immediately fell in love with it. This is a printing technique where you make one print (hence the name). From the structures of these monotypes that I make, I build my illustrations: I play digitally with different layers of the monotypes and formed layers. Later I also started using pencil drawings. My illustrations are a combination of manual techniques in a digital collage. I like to start from fairytale elements: animals with a human character, mermaids, dragons and so on. My style is mainly focused on children's books, but I enjoy working on other assignments for an adult audience just as much.

What inspires you to get started?

I especially like to work with different structures and random images that I can find everywhere. From this I build my images. For example, I find inspiration in the bark of a tree, a glass that is captured by the light or simply by my own cat, who is stretching out after yet another nap. Older fairy tales and forgotten stories also make me think about different characters and worlds to dream away.

What added value does illustrating have for you?

Drawing and designing has always been a necessity for me. Since I was 6 years old I went to an Academy of Fine Arts and I would like to continue learning and teaching there for the rest of my life. Illustrating makes sense of my daily life by reflecting on what I find important. I get a lot of energy from this.

What feeling do you want to give to the people who see your work?

I always try to give my illustrations that wholesome vibe with a touch of mischief. I like to transfer a part to a story: a moment that reflects a suggestion to another world and the course of events. I think it's fantastic when people see my illustrations and come up with their own story.

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