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One big happy family

Walking with the dogs in Sweden. Drink tea in England. Eat (red) waffles in Belgium. Let the dogs play in Canada and sleeping in Germany. - Shiela -

Those are just a fraction of countries where we have friends living. Friends we have met thanks to our instagram account. And because they are al so sweet and kind, I wanne do a blog / Shout out for him.

We love shelties chat is one of our most used group chats on instagram. With 23 members we are almost complete, cause there are some account who are not into this group, but really belong in it! Our group excists almost out of only sheltie owners. A few other breeds are allowed in this group because they love everything about a sheltie. (Laughing) We use this group for sharing our experiences, photos, moments, silly conversations. We use it for everything. We are one big happy family.

Let me introduce you to our instagram family!

@silveronsam @ziggythesheltiee @lukathesheltie @sheltiegift

@schultz_and_dooley @eurasier_baluna @molly_thehappylappy

@sheltiegirlscout @sheltie_akiko @sheltie_barney @bodhivalentijn

@sheltie.carlo @adventuresofasheltie @dixy_jackson @sheltie_freja_nora

@helenkandersson @linky_gme @maylo_doglife @sheltielinus

@selma.thesheltie @sheltie.knight @shetland_owen @todthesheltie @lifeof_zivabailey

I know it's weird sometime to say it feels like they are family. But we spend so much time together on instagram, charing our love for our dogs it just feels like they are. We have a lot in common. We share the same passion for our dogs. We all go out photographing our dogs for instagram (Laughing) But it's just so mutch fun we can share so much with people we never have met before and we care for each other!

They are just the best!  And if I could, I would meet everyone in person!

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